JP Real Estate Partners

Corporate Real Estate Clients

Corporate Real Estate Clients include industrial manufacturers, retailers and other operating entities whose primary focus is not real estate. We specialize in helping companies structure their real estate strategy and realize the capital tied up in their assets.

Our investment experts advise quality companies, helping them create customized, flexible and results-driven financing structures for corporate transactions, recapitalizations, expansions and acquisitions.


Commercial Real Estate Clients

Commercial Real Estate Clients include professional developers, investors and lenders of income-producing real estate, including retail, office, industrial and multifamily properties.


Making use of local market knowledge, industry expertise and unparalleled client focus, the Commercial Real Estate team tailors financial solutions to meet client needs, providing access to market-leading solutions and benefits in a broad array of areas including debt placement, equity, structured finance, acquisition and disposition advisory services.


Private Equity & Hedge Fund Clients

We advise Private Equity & Hedge Fund Clients on the real estate holdings of portfolio companies, potential acquisitions and companies with public securities. We analyze assets and develop strategies to achieve Client objectives including debt reduction, cost savings, recapitalization, acquisition financing and valuation for investment thesis.